TIS-100 Reference Manual Text Version

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We are all still in shock here from Uncle Randy's
sudden passing. While we wait on word from the
examiner about the cause we are coping as best we
can I've been occupying myself sorting through his
things, especially his computers. Of course, I took one
look in the garage and it all looks like a bunch of junk to
me. I'll send some pictures when I get a chance.
For now, this is the machine that was set up on his
workbench when he died. Maybe you'll be able to figure
out what he was doing with it. He would've liked to
know someone was going to finish his work.
Aunt Doris.

Teamfight Tactics - Instant UI

When gameplay meets UI.

tft set 1

One of TFT's best tricks is something I call Instant UI. Instant in the sense that every button press outputs its result immediately.

Take the Reroll button. When the Reroll button is pressed, your pool of champions refreshes.

You trigger the click, two gold gets deducted, and the current pool of champions gets replaced with 5 new ones.

No animations, no delays, no confirmation boxes.

It just happens instantly.

This lack of animations isn't because of some lack of budget or laziness on the part of the devs. Rather, it's a deliberate choice.

A choice to maximize responsiveness so that the game is never in the way of the Player's decision-making.